Our Story

HARUKA Brand Story

The name HARUKA comes from the Japanese name of the shop owner, who is also an anime character that the shop owner likes very much.
Her unique ability is to "make others happy and fulfill other people's wishes." We hope to pass on this belief and power.

|HARUKA conveys the power

HARUKA hopes to convey the positive power most. As long as you recognize what you want, keep moving towards the goal, and lead by positive power to achieve the life of your dreams.

HARUKA brand concept | Unique. unique |

In addition to furnishings, HARUKA's products also design a series of different accessories, so that everyone can wear them to be fashionable, unique, and protect the owner.

Each piece of jewelry is woven by the owner himself, and combined with top-quality natural mineral clay and live stones to make the jewelry more unique. It can also be customized to match your favorite color.